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Illustration Friday: Shiny

[All illustrations are property of Artse. Please do not duplicate without permission. © Artse 2012.]

So this week I’ve had  a couple of revelations. The first involves my artistic evolution. My Great Uncle was a Commercial Artist for a branch of the Military back in the 60’s. Several decades post retirement he wanted to mentor me in the fundamentals of realistic drawing. However, he became quickly frustrated after realizing I wanted to be a Cartoonist when I “grew up” (Oops!).

I  finished school with a 3D Animation Degree but, was truly uninspired and ironically steered more towards the fine arts. Don’t get me wrong, I love portraiture and the basics. But, now some 2-1+3-0 years later, I’ve come back to that in which I enjoy. And, I have to say I really enjoy illustrating now!

Any who…

Here is my take on IF’s, Shiny. I tend to unintentionally put an extra spin on my concepts (…because I do the most! smh). Therefore, this chick-a-dee is shiny, yet green with envy (oooo-ahhhh), no? Ok.

On to my second revelation (thought I forgot didn’t ya?!). I like mystery! Therefore, I’m starting to believe I find satisfaction in creating characters without faces. Go figure! I’d like to give most credit to the artist, Annie Lee. I absolutely adored her paintings as a child. She’s able to master the art of storytelling without the use of facial identifiers. Google, “Blue Monday”. My favorite! Sadly, I don’t think she does much painting anymore… sigh.

I’m done rambling :).

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  Cícera wrote @

awesome post…thanks for posting.

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